Corso San Gottardo 25
6830 Chiasso, Switzerland
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Swiss Investment Century SA

We bring complex software vision to life with our leading full- cycle mobile application development service. Our team is always ready for the next outstanding project

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About us

Customer focus

Customer experience is our major focus. We make our processes transparent and provide all the necessary information on the project. We are flexible and are ready to provide our expertise and services to everyone regardless of the level of technical training, available funds or location.

Customer focus

High-quality applications

We want to be proud of our solutions, so we are continuously improving our skills to make them convenient, bug-free and easy to maintain.

Customer focus

Custom solutions

Inspired by our experience across the fintech ecosystem and projects in crypto and real-estate management, we are ready to develop custom solutions according to various client’s requirements, such as blockchain solutions, smart contacts, fintech solutions, mobile and web apps, website design and development and many more.

Customer focus


Swiss Investment Century SA is a reliable partner, established in 2002 and successfully operating in Switzerland.

Customer focus

Diverse tech stack

Our diverse technological stack enables us to be flexible in choosing the tools and architecture for the projects. We are using Java, С++, C#, GoDot, Solidity, Rust, Solana, BSC, Tron Blockchain, Swift, Kotlin, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js and many more.

Customer focus

Dedicated team

We have 30+ employees in Europe.Our team includes all necessary experts: Project Managers, Developers, Tech Leads, QA engineers, UI/UX designers, etc.

Customer focus


Custom software

For businesses and startups

Websites and web apps

All types of web development

Mobile apps

User-friendly apps turnkey

Team up

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Corso San Gottardo 25
6830 Chiasso, Switzerland