Corso San Gottardo 25
6830 Chiasso, Switzerland

Crypto wallet & exchange engine

Mobile solution for cryptocurrencies and tokens exchange as well as long-term storage, linked with bank debit card


Project Overview

The customer (an established private bank) requested a mobile solution which would provide cryptocurrency exchange and storage services and link those services with bank cards, issued by the customer. CryptoCourse is a highly secure mobile app which includes the following functions:
  • Crypto wallets management
  • Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies trading
  • Fiat money exchange for crypto directly from a bank card
  • Fiat money enrollment from the sale of the crypto to a bank card
  • Sending and receival of crypto using QR-codes
  • Cryptocurrency rates and digital finance news
  1. mobile app
  2. ios
  3. android

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Corso San Gottardo 25
6830 Chiasso, Switzerland